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Geo++® GNSMART Installation and Updates

A complete GNSMART Windows Installation contains also the third-party software packages Java Runtime Environment, Apache Tomcat, PostgreSQL, PostGIS, Gemalto HASP Setup and the complete GNSMART Online Documentation. Please read the Installation Help Text carefully for further information.
The following releases are available for download:

GNSMART 1.7.0 Release, build November 09th, 2017. (932 MB)
GNSMART 1.7.1 Patch, build November 30th, 2017. (3 MB)
GNSMART 1.7.2 Patch, build December 12th, 2017. (26 MB)
GNSMART 1.7.3 Patch, build January 09th, 2018. (24 MB)
GNSMART 1.7.4 Patch, build January 31st, 2018. (24 MB)
GNSMART 1.7.5 Patch, build February 22nd, 2018. (60 MB)
GNSMART 1.7.0 Help, build February 07th, 2018. (89 MB)
GNSMART 1.7.0 Release Info
Installation Readme for 1.7.0
List of changes included in GNSMART 1.7.0 Update
GNSMART 1.7 Patch-Logs

GNSMART 1.5.0 Distribution Directory
GNSMART 1.6.0 Distribution Directory
GNSMART leap second update 2016, build December 05th, 2016.

Individual GNSMART Program File

All individual GNSMART programs, dynamic link libraries and database files can be downloaded for Windows.

GNSMART Program Files:
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Download Windows GNSMART Files (Last update: 22.02.2018)